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RESOURCES: Market Equilibrium

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Resources on Equilibriums, for Unit 3, AOS 1.


Marginal Revolution ‘University’ has this interactive quiz on finding market equilibrium.


Khan Academy has three articles relevant to our topic in their Microeconomics course, ‘Market Equilibrium‘, ‘Changes in equilibrium price and quantity: the four step process‘ and ‘Lesson Summary: market equilibrium, disequilibrium, and changes in equilibrium‘.


We watched Shaun at Running Economy on Equilibriums (7:23) in class:

Khan Academy has three videos on this topic, ‘Market equilibrium‘ (10:17), ‘Changes in market equilibrium‘ (9:05) and ‘Changes in equilibrium price and quantity where supply and demand change‘ (6:16).

Marginal Revolution University has a fairly simple explanation of equilibrium price and quantity here (4:50) which might be worth a watch if you’re struggling with the concepts. They also have a more detailed explanation of equilibrium here (5:34).